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Thursday, February 10, 2011


My desire is to advance in every area of my life. To deliver high qualtiy results one must make choices. Pastor Robb Thomson wrote "rising to another level in life doesn't just happen automatically or by chance" in his book entitled Excellence in the Workplace. Excellence is a state not a destination.

Consistent effort despite obstacles is necessary to maintain excellence. Talent is given but discipline must used to achieve high marks in business and in life. I have learned to continue with the vision and keep positive routines in spite of temporary defeats. What is temporary is subject to change.

A challenging situation can become a rewarding experience but we have to see the solution first. Finish the assignment. The benefits of excellence must be firmly planted in the mind to endure. I overcome because I know the time of recompense is near.

An Attitude of Excellence

We must evaluate our progress and excute changes to reach our full potential consistently.  A set mind on the habit or word we need to manifest is the key to an excellent attitude.  Our thoughts govern our actions.

A strong desire to improve is necessary to be great.  However, overcoming failures are critical as well.  Whenever I loose focus I change my mind to the direction I want to go.

"For as he thinks in his heart so is he....."Proverbs 23:7a(Amplified)

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